My thoughts on Sunday evenings..

Does anyone else strongly dislike Sunday evenings? Or is it just me having a pointless moan? .. For most people (okay - pretty much everyone) its 'hangover/recovering' day, however as I don't drink often I just find my Sunday evenings to be incredibly boring with the thoughts of Monday morning lingering in the back of my mind. I always find Sunday evenings draaaag like crazy, I end up spending hours in bed just staring at my laptop or wondering how and why my weekend has disappeared so quickly. Sunday's evenings I guess just have one purpose really, and that purpose is pampering. There is nothing better than putting your pyjamas (embarrassing piglet ones today) on and whacking out a face-mask and just generally having some 'me' time, as winter is coming I find it is becoming more acceptable to just hibernate in my bed for hours on end. Since I have jumped on the blogging bandwagon my Sunday evenings seem to consist of endless scrolling through Bloglovin to see what everyone has been up too, constantly re-tweeting companies on Twitter in the hope of winning a new beauty product to try out, unfortunately I have to admit I am still yet to succeed in winning anything. (I am sure some of my fellow bloggers can relate to the last two!) I guess that's the end of my little Sunday evening rant .. just a quick question though.

How do you all spend your Sunday evenings?

Night All


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  1. sunday nights means pre monday but we should be glad we are alive to moan about it. i do pretty much everything you wrote