Super Facialist Scrub by Una Brennan

There I was hunting around Boots for a new face scrub, then I spotted this. Believe me when I say I have probably tried about 20 different face scrubs and couldn't find one that I liked .. that was until I discovered this. The Super Facialist Tea Flower Purify & Refresh Scrub by Una Brennan is one of a kind. It has a creamy texture, not too coarse like many previous facial scrubs I have used that make your face feel dry and sensitive. Its enriched with a micro bead formula that gently cleanses and purifies your skin whilst keep it hydrated, the Salicylic acid works its magic and helps to diminish any of those irritating blemishes. I would recommend this product for anyone with combination skin as I myself suffer with a combination of dry & oily skin and find that this scrub helps to keep the balance just right. In comparison to many of the expensive skin care products present in shops today this is very reasonably priced and retails at £8.99 and can be purchased at most Boots stores.

I encourage you all to visit your nearest Boots and purchase this product!


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