Aussie Beach Mate Deep Treatment

When it comes to hair care products, it really doesn't get much better than Aussie. I am a very loyal Aussie customer. Shampoos, conditioners, treatments, conditioning spray, you name it. I have them all. Why spent loads on over-priced hair care products when you can spend £5 on this and it does job better than many of the expensive haircare products on the market today. This product is one of my favourites, it leaves your hair feeling and smelling absolutely amazing. Well i'm sure you can all agree Aussie do have the best smelling products EVER. I don't quite think any other hair product can quite compare to the unique scent that Aussie have mastered, it is truly is one of a kind. I use this product when my hair is in need of a little TLC - which at this time of the year seems to be quite frequently, after a while the endless straightening and blow-drying starts to take its toll on your hair.

I usually tend to apply this product to my hair whilst in the shower and leave on for 5 minutes or so, then wash off. I can guarantee this will leave your hair feeling heavenly and soft. I have just seen that there is now a Winter remedy treatment now available and I cannot wait to try it! I hope I have persuaded you all to purchase this fantastic product!



  1. sound like a great product, amazing review luv

  2. I reckon this product would be great for me at the moment. Shame they dont do Aussie shampoo in Australia.......

    Leonie ♥ IkonikBeauty

    1. Really? I thought the Aussie range was named after Australia.

  3. I love Aussie products!
    Alex //

  4. Heard so many great things about Aussie hair products , definitely need to try it

    Please let me know if you would be interested in following eachother on GFC and Bloglovin.Would love to stay in contact.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. I really need to venture in to the world of Aussie...well I am definitely going to after reading your post :) So informative thank you!

    X Emma |