Barry M

Morning All,

Just a quick Saturday morning post while I'm half asleep on the sofa watching Saturday Kitchen Live, thought I would share with you the lovely nail varnish combination that I am currently sporting.

For years now I have been a loyal Barry M customer, I have tried the eyeliners, lipsticks and eyeshadows but my favourite product of theirs has to be the nail varnishes, they are good quality and last for a good week or so when applied without chipping. They also have a fantastic range of colours, effects and types of nail varnish! Recently I have decided to try out two of their Turquoise nail varnishes and I absolutely love how they look when applied together! I thought as christmas is nearing I would go for something glittery as it is slightly more festive than the standard plain nail varnish. Unfortunately at the moment my nails are not the lovely long length that they usually are! 

The shades I have chosen to mix today are 'Aqua Glitter' from the Barry M Glitter range and 'Guava' from the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine range. As you can see below the pair combined look fantastic together, they compliment each other really well as the colours are so closely matched. I will always be a big Barry M fan and I cannot wait to try out the new Glitterati range!



  1. This looks so pretty!

    I love Barry M Nail varnishes ... May have to treat myself to these shades!


  2. such a pretty colour! love it

  3. Wow, i am a huge fan of BarryM myself! Love those 2 nail varnishes!

  4. Such pretty combinations! Great eye with the colors. I may use these as my holiday nails for a not so cliche look.

  5. Love how your nails look!!!
    Great job!

  6. super pretty!!