La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

As I am one of those unfortunate people with blemish prone skin I thought I would give this a try after reading some glowing reviews on Feel Unique. Do you get much better than an all in one moisturiser and blemish corrector? Surely not.
I have been using this product for a week or so now, I apply once before bed and once after washing my face in the morning (pre-makeup). It is very light and non oily which I love as I have fairly oily skin and avoid oily products as much as possible. My spots/imperfections are a lot less red than they were prior to using this product, I can certainly see why it is so popular! I have tried some of La Roshe Posays other products such as the face wash and cleansing gel, the French have definitely mastered the art of beauty products with results! I can't wait to try out the Ultra Fine Facial scrub, this is next on my list of things to try! I would 100% recommend this product to anyone, it can cater for all skin types and is very reasonable in price at approximately £15 at most stores/online shops.

I hope you all like this product as much as I do!



  1. Great post!!

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  2. this sounds great, I've heard a lot of good reviews about this so I may have to try! x

    I've got a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)

  3. As I see your blog is mainly about product reviews, thats great!
    I dont find blogs like yours easily!
    This product seems realy interesting!:D

    | The girl with the dreamcather tattoo

  4. I love La Roche Posay, especially the effacler duo :)

    So glad you do to,

    Lovely post,

    X Emma |