What's Your New Years Resolution?

I have been sat in bed for a while wondering what to write about and fancied a change from the usual make-up review posts. I'm sure this is quite a common topic however I want to know your New Years resolutions. Every single year I manage to come up with endless resolutions, do I stick to any of them? No. 

I want this year to be different! I have quite a few in mind that I could really do with sticking to this year! Here are some that I am going to try and stick to:

1. No Takeaways/Fast Food - I am sure that this is going to be quite a popular one, this is one that I really need to stick too. Not only for the sake of the contents of my purse, but also for my health. I am one of those people (some may say i'm lucky) that can eat as much junk as I can possibly shovel down and not put on any weight however its come to a time where I have began to think that maybe I am doing more damage to myself than I can see. Time to eat clean! (or cleaner)

2. Saving Money? What even is saving? This is something that I haven't quite grasped the idea of. It sounds nice, I'm sure it looks nice too, the idea of checking my bank account and seeing how much I have saved sounds so rewarding. However this is definitely something that is easier said than done and i'm sure many of you can agree. This year is going to be my year to hopefully try and save some money!

3. Actually go to the gym that I pay for - This is another one of those things that is easier said than done. As half 5 draws closer and I'm sat at my desk counting down the minutes until I can leave, the last thing that crosses my mind is the gym. I'd love to join Yoga classes and Zumba but i'm just too damn lazy. I have even downloaded a great app called '30 Day Fitness' with tons of different work out exercises I can do at home or in the gym and would definitely recommend for those of you like me who are struggling/trying to get fit! Its time for a change! 


What are your New Years Resolutions? I'd love to hear them!


  1. mine is to live, love and laugh. i like yours it was a great read


  2. Mine is to move houses, I know its a bit bizarre but I want a fresh start in the world.
    xx aimzeebeauty.blogspot.com