Younique 3D Moonstruck Fibre Mascara


I have wanted to try this product for soooo long, mascara is 100% my favourite item of makeup and won't be seen without it on.  As soon as I saw online the Younique 3D Moonstruck Fibre Mascara I knew this would be an item I would love! I have read so many good things about this product and seen so many pictures on Instagram and Facebook of how well it works and I just had to try it for myself! Jessica Hutton ( was kind enough to send me the mascara to try out and I am so impressed!

Here is a picture before any mascara was applied.

The mascara is so easy to apply. Firstly you use the Transplanting gel just like normal mascara, this is so that the fibres have something to stick to. Secondly, gently brush the fibres over the gel, it found that repeating this step a few times to gradually build up the thickness and length was the most effective way of applying this product. Once I got the hang of it I could easily create amazing lashes within 5-10 minutes.

As you can see the fibres attach to the natural eyelashes without creating a clumpy horrible effect that some normal mascaras cause. This is the best mascara product I have ever used and will 100% be purchasing this product as soon as I have finished this one!

This product is ideal to use on a night out and as a hater of fake eyelashes myself I am so glad that I have found the Younique mascara.

I hope my post encourages you all to get your hands on this amazing mascara as I can assure you that you are certainly missing out if you are yet to try! If you would like more information or to order some of this mascara and any of Youniques amazing products please visit


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  1. this is incredible your eyelashes look endless!! id love it if youd comment back xx