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I have been looking for something natural to try and help improve my skin and have always been a
big fan of the Body Shop. I received an email a couple of weeks ago saying that there was 30% off online and I just couldn't resist and had to buy some goodies. I ended up purchasing three products - Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion and Sea Weed Mattifying Day Cream. I will eventually write posts on all but am going to stick with the Tea Tree range for this particular post.

So .. lets start with the Tea Tree Oil!
I have been applying this every evening after washing my face before going to bed, you only need a small amount as it is quite strong! I was also worried that it would dry out my skin if I used too much. Unfortunately at the moment my skin doesn't seem to want to go the way I want it and there always seems to be a couple of problem blemishes that I can't quite seem to get rid of! However ...this tea tree oil has worked wonders on my face, all of the blemishes are significantly smaller and not quite so red and prominent. I will definitely keep using this product as it is antibacterial so helps fight the spots at the start before they get a chance to fully appear! Also helps stops the spread of spots on the face too which I really needed.

I managed to limit myself on this particular online spree however i'm sure it will not be long before I am back on the website slowly spending all my wages on the amazing smelling products they have to offer!


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  1. I have been using the tea tree oil lotion from the body shop and find it is a bit drying which is not great because I have dry skin

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves